Heat Press Vinyl

Why Heat Press Vinyl?


Heat Press is the most economical and quickest option to decorate a shirt or hat. This heat press method is generally good for one to three color designs. Unlike screen printing, heat press vinyl can be applied to any color shirt.

We cut all designs from only high quality vinyl that guarantees that your apparel will always look it’s best even after multiple washings. You are not just limited to vinyl on shirts. We can also apply vinyl to caps as well.

Our heat applied vinyl is very durable and by following our care instructions, will last for many years.


Heat press vinyl is ideal for graphics, numbers, lettering and names on team uniforms but can also be used for sponsor logos and chest badges. It is also a popular option for fast turnaround for teams or groups with a small number of individuals. Also perfect for promotional items for small businesses, schools, charities, parties, reunions and much more.

We stock a generous supply of heat apply vinyl in a variety of colors to suit any needs.



• Great durability – Made to last the life of the garment without cracking, peeling, or fading

• Can be used on any color shirt vs screen printing

• Quick turnaround time

• Cheaper than screen printing for smaller quantities

• Different styles and textures that provide dimension like holographic and glitter vinyl



Heat Press Names:
Two inch letters are the standard for heat press.  Threadin’ It Up! will heat press letters up to 15″ in size.


Heat Press Numbers:
8″ numbers are most common for soccer.  6″ is typically used for basketball.  10″ or 12″ numbers are used for football.


Have a fun and creative idea for a T-shirt?  Perhaps you have a clever saying that you want for a birthday gift.  When you want to go beyond just numbers and letters Threadin’ It Up! can help you create that one of a kind garment personalized just for you.